Megaton Rainfall Cheats For PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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Megaton Rainfall Cheats For PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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Megaton Rainfall 100 billion power to distory the city [MOD]

Megaton Rainfall Xbox One X Gameplay Review

Megaton Rainfall Xbox One X Gameplay Review of this super hero game where you must help save humanity.
Review: Coming Soon
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#MegatonRainfall #XboxOneX gameplay review of this super powered game where you become a powerful being and try to save humanity. It’s quite a neat experience and it’s Xbox One X Enhanced. The game is also available on PC and Playstation 4 platforms.

Megaton Rainfall Review – What the Heck is this Game??!!

Megaton Rainfall is a Superman simulator, wrapped in art house stylings, wearing an arcade overcoat, dipped in religious overtones, smothered all over a universe exploration sandwich. Yeah just watch the review.

Megaton Rainfall: secret debug powers in PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC, villain mode (Goku-like). No mods

Press right on d-pad to activate mega Goku blast in Free Mode (and there’s no reset if used on small buildings once).

Up on d-pad to splice buildings into cubes or lift them up.

Down on d-pad to spawn cars. May crash game.

*Warning: Game also crashed whem combining Gigaton blast with the Goku blast thing. I had to hold down the power button on the ps4 to turn it off so probably best not to try it.