These WoW Classic "Bugs" Are Intentional

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These WoW Classic "Bugs" Are Intentional

WoW Classic players might run into problems that look like bugs, but that was actually by design.


500+ GOLD per Hour in Dire Maul West 1 Pull 190 mobs! – WOTLK / TBC Classic GOLD Guide. This is the second guide from the rags to riches series, covering the DM gold farm spot. We are farming libram of rapidity, libram of focus and other expensive items. For now It’s still one of the best places to get gold for wotlk and pre patch.

00:00 DM West Intro
00:57 Pull / Gather the mobs
04:01 Gear and Spec
04:21 190 mobs Clear
06:20 Tips and Tricks
09:14 Loot / Librams drop
10:15 Hearthstone macro
/run InviteUnit(“a”);C_Timer.After(1,function() LeaveParty() end)
11:02 Thank you for watching

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3 Vanilla Secret Quests – Classic WoW

Classic WoW Hidden secret quest. A vanilla wow guide, not a gold one. By Frostadamus.

0:05 Intro
1:37 First Quest
2:20 Secret Area
3:41 Completion Process
5:21 Prince Nazjak – Tidal Charm
6:35 Rewards + Experience
7:31 Cortello’s Riddle
8:48 First Clue
9:26 Second Clue
10:11 Last Clue + Outro

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Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic vanilla wow video. Something to watch when there’s nothing on netflix or HBO.
The original iteration of the game launched in 2004 presented players with a vast amount of content. The world of azeroth offered 47 explorable zones, 18 dungeons, 6 Major raids and variety of world bosses. During it’s slightly over 2 years period of glory, players had the opportunity to explore everything the game had to offer. Unfortunately not everything was available to the vast majority. Things like clearing naxxramas was accomplished only by less than 1%, AQ40.. had similar fate with bosses like Ouro and C’thun being unbeatable until some of the best guilds managed to get them down 3 months after the initial fall of twin emperors, leaving casual and mediocre guilds with no chance to explore all the content. Other Things like getting Grand Marshal or High Warlord was something reserved only the insane.
But how about things that we’re plainly available to everyone. Did you uncover every corner of the map? Did you enter and explored every cave in azeroth? Did you complete every quest in the game?
I guess that with so much to explore and the eagerness to reach the end game, people skipped some of the previous options and never looked back. However, some of these options are still worth mentioning and maybe in the upcoming classic wow release this will be something we can remedy.
Here is a short synopsis of the quests you might have missed. Surely, you must go back and complete them because their stories and lore are full of wonder, mystery, tragedy and overall, epic. Without further ado, lets explore.

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The Ultimate Jewelcrafting Guide (Leveling & Prospecting) | TBC Classic

In this guide, we talk about making gold with prospecting and New Recipes to sell in pre-patch, and mistakes to avoid while leveling Jewelcrafting.
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Nixar’s Cheap JC Guide: &gxids=7628#gid=2108169294

WoW Professions JC Guide:

All Professions Guide:

00:00 Introduction
01:06 Prospecting Copper Ore
02:48 Prospecting Tin Ore
04:05 Prospecting Iron Ore
04:44 Prospecting Mithril Ore
05:45 Prospecting Thorium Ore
07:21 Leveling Jewelcrafting (120-150)
09:54 Leveling Jewelcrafting (180-210)
11:19 Leveling Jewelcrafting (250-278)
11:58 Conclusion

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• Common: Each time you prospect 5 ores, you will always get at least 1 gem from the “Common” column in the table below. Sometimes you can get two common gems, so these numbers don’t add up to 100%.
• Rare: There is also a chance to get 1 gem from the “Rare” column. This roll is on top of the common gem(s), so this will show up as an extra gem in your loot window.

I’m not going to list which items to make like a full guide because personally, I like to read and follow along with a guide at my own pace rather than watch a video, but I do want to let you know NOT all guides are created equally.

These two I endorse and in this section, I’ll talk about mistakes to avoid while leveling Jewelcrafting.

Nixar’s guide skips the Pendant of the agate shield since Moss Agate is usually pretty expensive, and can be hard to get the recipe. The same goes for Amulet of the Moon.

You may want to also avoid purchasing these recipes as a buyer (but as a reseller definitely go for it) and try to profit off people going off any random guide they find online and spending excess gold on these mats.

Instead of Pendant of the Agate Shield and Amulet of the moon, level from 120-150 with Heavy Jade Ring and Golden Dragon Ring

Blazing Citrine Ring is another item that is purchased in limited quantities from vendors so it could be valuable. After you make 5 Solid Stone Statues You should be at 185 Jewelcrafting and you can make either the Blazing Citrine Ring or the Engraved Truesilver Ring.

From there you can make Truesilver Commander’s Ring, instead of Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing since Elemental Water should be pretty expensive.

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A PART of World of Warcraft Classic JUST DIED For Me…

The Horde of Firemaw is transfering to Gehennas so there will be no world pvp in TBC Classic WoW
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